Lucas Kellison — For the past half decade, Kellison has worked tirelessly to establish himself as a producer and singer/songwriter. His studio, SadSon Music Group, has been the top-grossing studio in Lincoln for the past five years, and Kellison has released two successful solo albums during that time. What many don’t know or have forgotten is that Kellison identifies himself as a bassist, and he’s excited to remind people of this with the Kellison Quartet.

Larell Ware — Originally a gospel drummer from Philly, Ware has quickly made a name for himself as one of the baddest and most in-demand drummers in the greater Omaha area, specializing in funk, R&B, jazz, and gospel. When he isn’t playing with the Kellison Quartet, you can catch Ware as a monstrous maestro for various Omaha projects.

Jesse McBee — With an approaching Ph.D. in Jazz Studies from UNL, it should come to no surprise that McBee has an insane arsenal of notes blaring through his trumpet. McBee allows incredible diversity to occur wihtin the Kellison Quartet, as the band can flip from the funkiest around to a killer jazz combo with McBee leading the way.

Dan Beard — Few guitarists have found themselves in more diverse arenas than this guy. Beard has been caught playing in various groups, from jazz to country to funk to bluegrass, and excelled in each area. His unique ability to color any genre with tasty comping and voicings make Beard an invaluable member of K4.